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Use of AI Technologies

AI Services and User Interaction: Rentto employs artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, including an AI Chatbot Assistant, to enhance user experience and provide timely, relevant support to our users. By using our services, you agree to interact with our AI technologies under the following conditions:

  • Data Use and Privacy: Information shared with or collected by our AI technologies is subject to our Privacy Policy. We are committed to protecting your data and ensuring its confidentiality and security.

  • Intellectual Property: Responses, advice, and other outputs provided by AI technologies are proprietary to Rentto and protected under copyright laws. Users are not permitted to reproduce, distribute, or create derivative works from AI-generated content without express permission.

  • Accuracy and Reliability: While we strive for accuracy, Rentto acknowledges that AI-generated responses may not always be accurate or reliable. Users should exercise judgment and discretion in following any advice or information provided by AI technologies.

  • Feedback and Improvements: Rentto continually seeks to improve its AI technologies. We welcome user feedback on AI interactions and may use such feedback to enhance the technology, accuracy, and user experience.

By using Rentto’s AI-powered services, you acknowledge and agree to these terms regarding the use of AI technologies.

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