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Rentto revolutionizes property management for landlords, owners, and managers with a comprehensive, AI-powered platform. Organize, manage, and enhance your properties efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Tailored for Every Property Type

From Residential to Commercial - Manage with Precision. Rentto supports all property types with specific tools and features for each, ensuring your investments reach their full potential.


Comprehensive tenant portal and management tools for residential properties.


User-friendly tools for any property type, maximizing asset value.


Advanced features to enhance management quality of commercial assets.

Feature-Rich Platform for Modern Landlords

Introducing Your AI Chatbot Assistant

Your 24/7 Real Estate Advisor. With Rentto's AI Chatbot Assistant, get instant answers and insights on your properties, transactions, and leases. It's like having a personal advisor, powered by AI, to help you make informed decisions.

Ask Anything.
Direct access to information and smart recommendations.
Real-Time Support.
Immediate assistance for managing your portfolio.
Tailored Advice.
AI-driven insights to optimize your property management.

All Your Properties, One Dashboard

A summary of all properties can be seen together or individually, you can also get information about each property including its location. You can save loan information for each property.

Property Overview.
Visualize summaries, details, and key metrics for each property.
Secure Document Storage.
Access important documents anytime, anywhere.
Google Maps Integration.
Locate your properties with ease.
Efficient Record Keeping.
Track essential details with notes.
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Tenant Portal for Enhanced Communication

A dedicated portal where tenants can submit maintenance requests, view payment history and make payments online.

Online Payments and History.
Streamline rent payments and maintenance requests.
Maintenance Requests.
Easy reporting and media upload for tenants.
Tenants portal

Proactive Maintenance Administration

Maintenance tools that assist with planning, managing, and executing tasks.

Comprehensive Task Management.
Efficiently plan, manage, and execute maintenance work.
Vendor Payments and 1099s.
Simplify payments and tax document filing.
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What are people think about Rentto

I am so pleased with this product. Rentto is worth much more than I paid. Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! You guys rock!

James Futhey
Las Asturias Apartments

I was impressed on multiple levels with the service and functionality. Rentto is exactly what our business has been lacking.

Joe Dietrich
Community Management

Elevate Your Property Management Experience

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Properties with Rentto. Our platform is designed to simplify your operations, backed by the power of AI. With Rentto, effective property management is just a click away.

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